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I wanted to share with you another (BRAND NEW!) resource I am offering for the first time that will benefit you at any stage of your career and life.

Dealing with Adversity
(and the Emotional Struggles that Come with It)

Recently I opened up to you about my previous struggles with suicide. I had not anticipated how many responses I would receive from my students, as so many of you shared your own struggles with me. I read all of your responses about feeling alone and discouraged, and not thinking it was "normal" to have these feelings. 

In order to provide additional support for you in this area, talk more about these very real issues, and help remove some of the negativity around them, I hosted a webinar on Dealing with Adversity (and the Emotional Struggles that Come with It).

Although the webinar was limited and not everyone who wanted to join could do so, you have not missed out on this teaching. You can now order my program on Dealing with Adversity and get all of the files from the original webinar.

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Program Contents: 

  • Video from Main Program -- Dealing with Adversity (2 hours)
  • Video from Q&A -- My answers to your questions on dealing with adversity (1+ hour)
  • Transcripts for Main Program and Q&A
  • Audio files for Main Program and Q&A
  • Full list of resources for help in crisis

Investment: $77

We all have emotional struggles stemming from adversity in our lives. For support and guidance on how to deal with the adversity in your life, take advantage of the opportunity to get this program today.

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