Social media has become one’s personal press release service. It’s a place where many of us showcase the best parts of our lives for others to see.

The problem with social media is that it’s not real life. It’s merely an often skewed portrayal of one’s life. At the extreme, it’s an engineered portrayal of one’s life.

Real life is full of wins and losses, good years and tough years, easy times and difficult times.

The problem is that you rarely see this reflected in social media… and it’s very easy to think that the difficult times don’t seem to apply to others. But this is just not true.

Struggling with adversity is a part of life… a part of life that too few people discuss openly and candidly.

I’ve certainly had my share of struggles and have learned a lot over the years about how to navigate them. I recently held a class on How to Deal with Adversity where I shared what I’ve learned. If you’d like to improve your skills in handling adversity, I invite you Click Here to learn more.