How to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to Advance Your Career

The Limited Release has Ended.

To progress in your career, you need to develop the ability to influence, collaborate with, or manage others. The more senior your position, the less you’re evaluated on what you produce, and the more you’re evaluated on what everyone around you produces.

In nearly every career progression scenario, the ability to work with others becomes the key differentiating skill between hitting a career ceiling versus continual career advancement.

The challenge with developing EQ is it’s amorphous. Most career-minded professionals have heard of the term. They grasp that they need it, but it seems difficult to define it, learn it, and develop competence in it.

This skill set is so important for career success that I conducted a several hour class to teach about the key elements of developing EQ. The class was limited, so not everyone who wanted to register was able to. However you have not missed the opportunity to benefit from this teaching. My How to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence program, with all of the content I taught in the class, will be available again in early 2022.

Here are the details:

How to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to Advance Your Career

In this class exclusively for members, I cover what you know to effectively develop your EQ for career success. You’ll discover:

  • What EQ is, and why it’s important;
  • The four components of EQ – What they are, why they’re important, and how they impact your professional interactions;
  • How to develop your skill level in each facet of EQ through daily practice exercises;
  • How to “read” another person (including a checklist of body language cues, vocal intonation shifts, and facial expressions);
  • How to “read” a room – who to watch (hint: often it’s not the person speaking), what to look for, and why;
  • Specific techniques and tools to manage your emotions such as fear, anxiety, or insecurity (if you’re overly worried about your feelings, you’re not paying attention to the other person’s feelings!);
  • How to deal with others that have low EQ (including bad bosses, difficult clients, temperamental colleagues);
  • How to work effectively with people who are very different from you;
  • How to develop trusted advisor level relationships with clients, bosses, and colleagues;
  • How to provide feedback to people with power who resist criticism.


  • Your investment for my EQ program is $197.
  • There are over 20 Program Files, including:
    • Videos with over 9 hours of my teaching
    • Video and Audio with 2 hours of Q&A
    • Transcripts for all video and audio
    • Slides for all 4 modules
    • Class handouts:
      • Class Summary
      • Tips & Techniques
      • EQ Development Reading List
  • We use industry-standard formats for use across all major computer platforms.

Whether you consider yourself to have low or high emotional intelligence, this class will equip you with the critical skills to develop relationships, influence others, and advance your personal and professional life. Take the next step in your personal and professional development, and order now.  The October 2021 release of the EQ Development program has ended. 


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