Thoughts on Life

All relationships work more smoothly when expectations are clear and explicit. The opposite of an explicit expectation is an implied one. Let’s look at both personal and professional examples. When two people become a couple, one of the issues they’ll need to navigate is holidays. Whose family do we spend this holiday with versus another? [...]

Some goals are overwhelming to the point where you feel frozen and unable to start. This is a sign that the magnitude of the goal is counterproductive. When a CEO is overwhelmed with the task before them, I tell them to break down the problem into smaller “baby” steps. I once had a client that [...]

When most people think of a recession, many hope to simply survive. I think this is the wrong approach. Recessions are the opportune times to be aggressive in making forward progress for your business. The majority of Fortune 500 companies were founded in a recession, even though recessions only account for 20% of the past [...]

When times get difficult, it’s natural to want to step back, play defense, and wait for conditions to get better. This is especially the case when difficult conditions are caused by extreme changes, such as COVID-19. While this is certainly one option for managing your life and career, there is another. It’s the option to [...]

Through many of my struggles and failures in life, I’ve become far more acquainted with adversity than I ever wanted. In my 20s and 30s, failures and major setbacks were devastating to me. As I approach my 50s, I have a more sanguine attitude about adversity. Basically, sh*t happens in life. You can take every [...]

When I work with a new CEO client, I do two things. First, I ask them to explain the business to me in qualitative terms — Who is the customer? What problem do you solve for them? Who are the competitors? etc. Second, I ask for specific metrics from their business. This is how you [...]

Are you managing your feelings or are your feelings managing you? This is a profoundly important question to ask yourself. You see, in today’s world, emotions are running extremely high. Fear, greed, anxiety, distrust, sadness, gratitude, depression. At any moment of any day, the people around you (and quite possibly you yourself) are experiencing many [...]

Most of my client work over the past decade has been centered around helping software companies scale up to become bigger companies. My work helps clients create surges in market demand and then adapt to sell to and service those new customers. (This is the topic of my book Extreme Revenue Growth .) While the [...]

In a previous article, I shared a little history about the Great Depression of the 1930s and explained why the causes of the depression back then would be unlikely to repeat today. However, in the time that I wrote the article and sent it out to you (perhaps a week lag), new economic data has [...]

In looking at the COVID-19 response globally and here in the United States, I can’t help but remember a concept I learned in calculus class around local versus global minimums and maximums. While I don’t remember any of the math, (my interpretation of) the concept has reappeared repeatedly in my client work and again in [...]

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