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Question: I have been following your email newsletters and have read them all carefully since I joined your club.  I thank you again for all your effort in making the videos and in having lots of good information available to us. After going through your training videos and framework guide, I recently started practicing case [...]

The PARADE Method ™ is an approach to answering resume-oriented job interview questions. It is an approach I developed that is tailored for answering these questions in job interviews for management consulting, as well as interviews for senior executive positions in industry. It can be used by candidates to prepare concise and powerful answers to [...]

At consulting firms like McKinsey, you will receive a personal experience interview (or McKinsey PEI). Sometimes an entire interview is devoted to these types of questions. Other times, you will receive 10 – 15 minutes of these kinds of questions before you get a case interview. The format will vary by firm, but make no [...]

I receive many emails asking if I have a framework for XYZ kind of case. Often XYZ is something a little unusual, such as a non-profit case, a human resources organization design case, a manufacturing process improvement, or IT vendor selection case. While my focus is on strategy consulting cases, I still get these questions, [...]

Email: I am an MBA student at a leading Indian B-school and successfully secured offers following my AT Kearney interview and BCG interview for their [City in India] office last week. Thanks a ton for all the help in case interview preparation through LOMS and the regular posts sharing others’ interview experiences with all the [...]

Question: How To Do a Market Sizing at the Appropriate Level of Detail Hi Victor, I was wondering if you had any tips on how to get a read on the interviewer during market sizing specific questions. Since market sizing questions are ambiguous, it is up to the interviewee to establish constraints in the form [...]

Question: I am writing to thank you for the great help you provided me with the LOMS program, and also to ask you for your point of view on seeming too prepared for the case interview. So far, thanks to your program, I have been able to pass successfully four case interviews at Roland Berger [...]

Question: I am sure you get many messages like this, but I would just like to thank you for all the materials and information on your website, as they have been instrumental in helping me secure my undergrad McKinsey offer. My story is somewhat similar to yours, in that I tried banking, but was getting [...]

Email: I wanted to thank you for your help.  The emails and the videos that you provide have been, without a doubt, the best resource to help prepare me for case interviews. I recently heard back from McKinsey Dallas with an internship offer.  I wanted to just explain two things that really helped me with [...]

This post provides the answer on how to answer the estimation question example I posted previously. You’ll notice in the comment section of that previous post there were a wide range of answers — most of which were incorrect. The first thing to realize in an estimation question is that an acceptable answer MUST mention [...]

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