Question: Really enjoying your materials. 2 questions: 1) Related to [my post on How to Structure a Case Interview ]. On the answer in your website you try to come up with frameworks that are MECE. I am having trouble understanding why the “old/new products and old/new customers” segmentation is MECE but the “old/new products [...]

MECE (pronounced “me see”) is principle often used by management consulting firms such as McKinsey to describe a way of organizing information that is “Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive”. When considering solving any business problem, such as “What are this company’s options for growth?”, “How can we cut costs?” or “How can we increase units sold?”, [...]

Question: Thanks to your videos I made it to the final rounds, but the feedback from the last interview said that I needed more structure. As you surely know, case interviews at McKinsey (at least in my country) are pretty standard in structure. This structure is as follows: 1. They open with a business situation, [...]