Question: I wanted to get your opinion on something.  Firstly, I want to thank you for the materials you put on your website.  Thanks to them, I got job offers from McKinsey and BCG in (Middle East Country) to start as a business analyst. However, I am having hard to time to decide which one [...]

Question: I’ve been following your site since I received an interview invitation from BCG. It takes place soon, but a partner emailed me to offer me a practice case study interview if I was interested (not by him but by an associate). I of course accepted it. My question is whether this is truly practice [...]

Question: I think your site is wonderful, and I really appreciate the work that you do. Yesterday I got the call from McKinsey and BCG and both have accepted me for positions.  Now it comes down to weighing the options! Thanks so much! P.S. Do you have any thoughts on McKinsey vs. BCG? My Reply: [...]

Email: I interviewed with both McKinsey and BCG today and they both made me offers, despite me telling them I was as likely to pursue graduate studies as I was to take up a job with them. I just wanted to thank you for the material you’ve put up on the website. It helped me [...]

Success Story: I am writing to you to thank you for what you and your videos have done for me in the last couple of months. As I did well on the GMAT-like test, I got called back to have first round Bain interview, McKinsey interview, and BCG too. At that moment, I knew I [...]

Email: I wanted to follow up and let you know that after six interviews in two days, I have been offered a position with BCG Australia as a Consultant! Your preparation materials were invaluable and I am incredibly appreciative for your efforts. I will make a donation this week to your supported charity. Many thanks [...]

Question: I just had a question about local differences between BCG offices. I am planning to attend interviews in BCG (European Office). I think most of the information in your website and other similar resources are aimed at the U.S. context. Do you know if there is any difference between Europe and the U.S. version [...]

Question: The videos you posted on your website have been very helpful for my case interview prep. I especially like the part on case interview basics and case interviewer mindset. Thank you so much for sharing the great work! I am having final round interviews with McKinsey and BCG in about a week. As I [...]

Success Story: I recently got an offer from BCG Tokyo and just accepted it. (I also got Booz and Deloitte too) Thank you so much for your superb content, this couldn’t have happened without your help. I donated to your charity, since that’s the least I can do to thank you. I only start work [...]

Actual BCG Case Submitted by a Reader: I had a friend doing a mock interview of a BCG case that he failed at in 2nd round.I tried to tackle it using your frameworks but, like my friend, I was getting nowhere. This was the case: “Your client, a private equity firm, is considering acquiring 3 [...]

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