Question: I think your site is wonderful, and I really appreciate the work that you do. Yesterday I got the call from McKinsey and BCG and both have accepted me for positions.  Now it comes down to weighing the options! Thanks so much! P.S. Do you have any thoughts on McKinsey vs. BCG? My Reply: [...]

Sometimes, life throws us an obstacle. In the moment, most people’s reaction (mine included) is to get irritated at the obstacle and at the detours needed to overcome it. To paraphrase the late Steve Jobs, all the “detours” (my word choice, not his) make sense in hindsight, even if they don’t in the moment. Through [...]

I was recently holding office hours for my Inner Circle members. One of my members asked me what to do about a lack of confidence in his financial modeling skills. He was concerned that his insecurity around this area would hold him back. I asked him a simple question. “Are you good at financial modeling [...]

In a world of competing agendas, it’s inevitable that you will have a conflict of interest with a client, colleague, or boss. This is particularly true in consulting firms, law firms, and investment banks. Conflicts of interest come from having more than one role or relationship in a particular situation. Here are some examples: A) [...]

When a medical student becomes a doctor, he or she is asked to take the Hippocratic Oath. The oath comes from a 2,500-year-old Greek medical text that requires new physicians to abide by a code of conduct.  This code includes its most famous phrase, which is loosely translated as “First, do no harm.” In essence, [...]

One of the nuanced skills that I’m noticing some people having difficulty with is the ability to identify the “key drivers” behind a particular business trend. Mastering this skill is not only important in a case interview but is arguably far more important after the case interview — when you are doing real client work. This skill [...]

One of the most useful management tools is the feedback loop. Feedback involves some mechanism that provides you with data on whether your actions are focused toward your objective. When you’re off track, a well-designed feedback loop gives you some kind of indicator. When you’re on track, the same feedback loop provides confirmation to give [...]

I frequently receive emails from readers who have successfully landed an offer from BCG. I want to share their stories so you can see what case interview preparation tools and strategies worked for them. Success Story: I am writing to you to thank you for what you and your videos have done for me in [...]

This article focuses on a few questions that I’ve been asked by readers. The tips that I recommend for these individuals may also be useful for you during your case interview process, so I’d like to share them. Question: First of all, I would like to thank you for all the materials you shared. It [...]

Here are some common questions that I’ve received about the case interview and my replies. The first is around timing your hypothesis. Question: Your resources have been very helpful for me so far. I am an experienced candidate, and just had my phone case coaching session with McKinsey. One thing I was a little surprised by was [...]

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