Over the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about the organization chart for public health here in the United States. As I’ve learned more about it, I’ve realized the org structure is completely mismatched with the needs of a pandemic. At the start of the pandemic, I sort of assumed that the Centers [...]

Years ago, I made the following assertion that really pissed off many of my peers. I asserted that stress is merely another name for fear. In the world of Ivy League schools and elite consulting firms, it was perfectly acceptable to admit you were feeling stressed, but very taboo to admit you’re scared. Yet when [...]

In a crisis, leadership and salesmanship (or saleswomanship) are the exact same thing. Think about it. What are the attributes of strong leadership in a crisis? The leader has a clear grasp of the nature, magnitude, and complexity of the problem. The leader has a plan to solve the problem. The leader has confidence that [...]

Are you managing your feelings or are your feelings managing you? This is a profoundly important question to ask yourself. You see, in today’s world, emotions are running extremely high. Fear, greed, anxiety, distrust, sadness, gratitude, depression. At any moment of any day, the people around you (and quite possibly you yourself) are experiencing many [...]

Most of my client work over the past decade has been centered around helping software companies scale up to become bigger companies. My work helps clients create surges in market demand and then adapt to sell to and service those new customers. (This is the topic of my book Extreme Revenue Growth .) While the [...]

I’m told there’s a saying on Wall Street that goes, “The trend is your friend.” I’m not a banker nor an asset manager, so I can’t vouch for its validity in that context. However, I think that, in a recession, this concept has a lot of value in terms of managing one’s career or business. [...]

I’ve been noticing that there are questions lately about what caused the Great Depression and whether we’re at risk of something similar in 2020. The short answer is: No, I don’t think we’re at risk of another Great Depression. For context, I asked this exact same question in October 2008 at the start of the [...]

In the United States, there’s a big debate going on right now. Epidemiologists urge physical distancing as the best way to avoid catastrophic loss of lives. Economists point out that the cost of shutting down the economy is unprecedented and is heading toward catastrophic economic collapse (which also has enormous human costs). So, who is [...]

Several years ago, I took a class on how to write movie scripts. The world-renown instructor’s students included many famous Hollywood actors (who wanted to learn to write or recognize great scripts), 50 Oscar winners, and 250 Emmy winners. One of the big takeaways from the class was how to create drama. And the easiest [...]

I first heard Warren Buffet speak in person 20 years ago. He had a standard speech he would give on how to be successful in business. I’ll never forget what he said he looked for when hiring an executive to run one of his many businesses. “You want to hire someone that’s honest, smart, and [...]

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