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Your site has been a great resource for me. I just have one concern, is there a way I can work on cases without anyone?

The problem is that I don't have anyone to work with me on cases. The people who I have access to are not familiar with the case interview. What would you suggest me or people who are in a similar situation like me?

My Response:

While it's ideal to get at least some live interview practice, it's not mandatory. Most of my case prep was done by myself.

I would typically get a copy of the latest Business Week which would report all the major business decisions made by big companies - layoffs, launching new product, acquiring a competitor, etc... And I would try to use the case process to reverse engineer how they got to the decision.

So if AT&T sold NCR (National Cash Register company) which was in the news many years ago, what must have been true for them to make the decision. I could do a business situation framework or a profit framework and try to structure the major key issues.

I would definitely recommend practicing drawing out your logic as if you are presenting to a client. So for the business situation framework, I would usually draw four boxes with each of the factors I intended to analyze. For a profit framework, I would draw out in big letters "Profit = Revenue - Cost" and analyze each one.

In using business articles, you kind of already know the answer. So it's not as realistic as if someone were actually giving you the case. But, I still found it useful to mechanically go through the process and the framework (even knowing the "right" answer).

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