A question I am often asked is what is the difference between a BCG interview in a European office vs. a US office? My response is that the consulting case interview process in Europe is more similar than different when compared with the U.S. If you look at the many success stories, we have at CaseInterview.com you’ll notice that they come from all over the world – including Europe.

There are a range of nuances I’ve heard across different offices at different firms –this is less a function of Europe vs. U.S., and more a function of some office just decided to do something different.

In Round 1, I see a lot more variation in the cases with some offices in some firms going with more of pre-structured type of case interview.

Some offices will use a telephone screening process before the first in-person interview. Others will give a written or online test of some sort (think BCG Potential Test).

There is a lot more variability before and during Round 1 across offices and firms.  I’ve found that from Round 2 and onwards, they tend to be a lot more consistent with the candidate-led type case at BCG.