BCG Interview – Success Story

I wanted to thank you for your guidance during the consulting interviewing process. The videos and notes on your website helped me immensely.

The videos were especially useful in acing, what was for me at least, the most challenging part of case interviews: the presentation and stylistic elements of the case.

I have received and accepted an offer from BCG to be a consultant in the Atlanta office.

I now look forward to reading your guide for 1st year consultants. If you could have a section in there on how non-business majors can prepare for consulting, that would be much appreciated. If you are ever scheduled to speak in Atlanta, please keep me posted.

PS – To show my appreciation of your efforts and because it is a worthy cause, I made a donation to

My Reply:

Congratulations! I love hearing all the good news from around the world.

In terms of working in consulting without a business background, here are a few suggestions:

1) Sign up for my newsletter geared towards new consultants on how to succeed on the job.

2) Keep an eye out for my program on How to Succeed in Management Consulting (HSMC) which is a new consultant training program that I recently developed. It is only available periodically with its schedule availability provided to readers of my newsletter for new consultants.

3) Start reading business publications like Fortune, Business Week and Forbes. I prefer reading the magazines vs. the newspapers as the magazines get into more depth as to what issues are impacting well known businesses, what decisions they made, and why they made the decision they did. This perspective is helpful for the non-business person to become familiar with business terminology, concepts, and common issues facing large companies.