Success Story:

I am writing to thank you for your website’s instruction and your emails. I recently received an Associate offer from A.T. Kearney and I accepted.

I’m looking forward to my first day on XXXX.  I am an Industry hire – meaning I graduated from business school and worked in industry before making my way to consulting.

I only had two weeks to prepare and I immediately realized that was a very short time to study from scratch for my upcoming case interviews.

Your system gave me great examples of how to create a framework and segment the problem which was where I had the most difficulty early on.

I was lost when I tried my first case in early July but by the time I had my interview mid-July (and after studying regularly for two weeks straight) I was finally feeling comfortable with how to tackle the questions.

If I would have been stuck with merely reading Case In Point I know I would have been in big trouble.

My Comments

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