Can you please give me a brief advice? I have done BA from India and MBA from XXXXXXXX University (a school I’m not familiar with), GPA:3.0; GMAT:640.

I have worked for 5 years in real estate. I want to get into consulting (as I really love management consulting)- but I am not able to find a way as I think management consultancy firms go for top MBA schools.

Do you think there is a way to break into any of these firms without good grades?

My reply:

Based on your background, I think the top tier firms are out of reach. Unless you have amazing industry experience, you really do need famous schools, good grades/test scores on your consulting resume.

That being said, if you really love consulting and there is much to love, you shouldn’t be discouraged. You may want to look into “second tier” firms. The nature of the role is similar, though the types of projects probably are narrower in variety. I know a number of people who followed this route and really enjoyed the experience.