When we admire someone, we appreciate and feel inspired by what they’ve accomplished.

Admiration is a feeling based in appreciation, joy, and emotional generosity.

When we admire someone, we allow our souls to feel nourished by what’s possible for humanity and for ourselves.

When we envy someone, we see them as a standard by which we measure ourselves and find ourselves falling short.

Envy is a feeling based on comparison, inadequacy, and pain.

When we envy someone, we corrode our souls by tearing ourselves down for our perceived flaws.

It is possible to be motivated by admiration or envy.

It is possible to achieve a lot inspired by admiration or compelled by envy.

The difference is with envy, no matter what you achieve, that feeling of not being good enough never goes away.

That’s because envy comes from a shortage of self worth, not a shortage of financial net worth.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t solve a self worth problem with more financial worth.

The two are independent.

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