Accenture at a glance

Accenture careers are like Accenture itself – the very best there is in the world of consulting.

Accenture’s expertise is sought out by 95 of the Fortune Global 100.  Governments around the world also use Accenture’s services.  Those high-end clients are reflected in Accenture’s high-end profits.  With $35 billion in annual revenue and 459,500 employees it is highly selective in its choice of clients.

For those interested in Accenture careers, the firm has a commanding presence in a broad array of businesses, so many in fact that its services are organized under five operating groups which are themselves divided into 19 industry groups:

  • The Communications and High-Tech operating group include Communications, Electronics & High Tech, and Media & Entertainment.
  • The Financial Services Operating Group concerns itself with Banking, Capital Markets and Insurance.
  • The Health and Public Service operating group focuses on those industries.
  • The Products Operating Group concentrates on Air Freight & Travel Service,  Automotive, Consumer Goods & Services, Industrial Equipment, Infrastructure & Transportation Services, Life Sciences, and Retail.
  • The Resources Operating group is devoted to Chemicals, Energy, Natural Resources and Utilities.

Accenture Management Consulting is divided into seven different areas of specialization (Accenture refers to them as “service lines”):

Customer Relationship Management

Accenture careers in this field are all about working with clients to rethink marketing in an age that is simultaneously global in scale yet focusing on the customers as individuals.  Within this service line are Accenture careers that deal with the following:

Customer Service

Consultants in Accenture’s Customer Service Transformation services work with businesses and organizations to develop a constantly growing and loyal customer base.  For more on Accenture Customer Service Transformation work go here:


Accenture’s Marketing Transformation services consultants help executives build a high performance marketing operation.  Further information about this area can be found here:

Sales Transformation services consultants focus on improving the performance of a client’s sales team and the challenge of maintaining profit margins in a rocky economy and a world of emerging markets.  More background on Accenture Sales Transformation Services is here:

Finance and Performance Management

Accenture careers as a consultant in this service line call on your skills at balancing cost management with innovation and financial wizardry.  For More information on Finance and Performance Management go here:

Process and Innovation Performance

Accenture careers in this service line are for consultants who can help clients do what they do better, faster, and cheaper.  Further information on this area can be found at:

Risk Management

Accenture careers in Risk Management will have you working with clients to proactively assess risks — to see the bump in the road before they get to it. For more:


Accenture consultants help executives select the strategic direction that leads to the greatest value for the stakeholder.   Further information on this area can be found:

Supply Chain Management

Channel integration, public and private B2B exchanges and electronic fulfillment to supply chain synchronization are all aspects of Accenture careers in this service line that combines the innovative with the practical. For More:

Talent and Organization Performance

Accenture consultants with the Human Performance team help companies take advantage of their greatest resources: the people who work for them.  Your own talents in this essential business concern might be a good fit for any of these areas for more details:

People of all backgrounds seek out Accenture careers — and Accenture in turn actively seeks out and advances a diverse workforce.  Their global workforce includes people of virtually every heritage on earth (for instance, Accenture is experiencing its most dramatic growth right now in its Asian branches).   Accenture proactively seeks out talent in the African American, Hispanic, and LGBT communities.  One third of its workers are women.  This fits in perfectly with two of the core concepts inAccenture’s corporate culture:  respect for the individual and identifying, hiring and promoting the very best people to join the Accenture community.

The name “Accenture” is a shortening of the phrase “Accent on the future.”  If you’ve got what it takes for any of the positions above, Accenture could be part of your future.