The 24-Hour Pity Party

Nobody like setbacks, obstacles, and “failures.”

It’s human to feel sorry for yourself.

However, it’s not particularly productive or useful to feel sorry for yourself for too long.

Anytime I get knocked on my rear by life, I have one rule that I do my best to follow.

I allow myself to feel sorry for myself and to wallow in my “oh, why me...” woes for no more than 24 hours.

I give myself that room to feel bad about myself, but I don’t allow myself to sit in that position forever.

Anytime you "fall down," the most useful, productive thing you can do is to pick yourself back up and get to work towards reaching your goal.

If you can’t do it immediately, give yourself a time limit.

No more than 24 hours (along with a good night's sleep) works for me.

Set a limit for yourself.

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