September 2016

Why Clients Lie (and you do too)

Clients lie. You lie too (even if you don’t realize it). There are two kinds of lying. 1) The first type is explicitly stating something you know is not true with intent to deceive. If I say I am a 99-year-old woman, I am lying. I am aware that I am neither 99 years old, [...]

Integrity vs. Popularity

At some point in your life or career, you will face a decision. It will be a choice between doing what you believe is right, and doing what will make you popular. On paper, most people say they would choose integrity. The difference between a theoretical thought exercise and real life are the consequences. Theoretical [...]

"Daddy, I Don't Want to go to School!"

The other day, one of my daughters said to me, “Daddy, I don’t want to go to school.” What happened next was that she tried to convince me why I should allow her to stay home from school, while I tried to convince her why she should go. In other words, she was trying to [...]

One Hour per Day

Two young men graduated from college together 20 years ago. Both men came from similar backgrounds, had similar intellects, and similar skills. Twenty years later, one of those men had progressed to be a mid-level manager in his company, while the other became the company’s CEO. While this particular story is fictitious, it does prompt [...]