July 2016

Rethinking Failure

What is the opposite of success? If you’re like most people, your instinctive response is “failure.” This success vs. failure paradigm is so ingrained in our academic and work culture. I disagree with it completely. I prefer to think of this issue through a different lens. I think the opposite of success is “non-success.” I [...]

Admiration vs. Envy

When we admire someone, we appreciate and feel inspired by what they’ve accomplished. Admiration is a feeling based in appreciation, joy, and emotional generosity. When we admire someone, we allow our souls to feel nourished by what’s possible for humanity and for ourselves. When we envy someone, we see them as a standard by which [...]

The Horizon Problem

I’ve always been fascinated by the ocean. This was especially the case when I was at Stanford. At the end of every school year, I would drive to my parents’ home in San Diego. One year I decided to take the Pacific Coast Highway, a small two-lane road that hugs the California coastline — with [...]