June 2016

The Gift of Adversity

I spent most of my life thinking of adversity as the obstacle between me and success. Over the last three years, I’ve changed my perspective on adversity. The value of pursuing success isn’t the success itself. The value comes from the adversity that you must overcome in the process AND who that forces you to [...]

How Smart People Destroy Their Careers

The #1 way professionals with high IQs destroy their careers is by having low emotional intelligence (or “EQ” for short). The workplace is a place where both logical and emotional interactions take place between you and others. High IQ people tend to overvalue the importance of IQ and undervalue EQ. If you have ever wondered [...]

Don’t Commit Assumicide

One of my writing mentors told me: “Effective writing is CLEAR writing.” If you mean what you write, and you write what you mean, you’re an effective communicator. When it comes to the written word, I’ve spent every day of my career attempting to write CLEARLY. This is especially the case in one-way communication like [...]

Pain vs. Suffering

It has taken me nearly four decades to learn the following distinction between pain versus suffering. At first glance, they seem the same. Pain does not feel good. Suffering does not feel good. The difference is purpose. If you’re enduring pain for a purpose, it tends to become a “growing pain” — the TEMPORARY pain [...]