March 2016

Life is Long

I’ve heard Warren Buffet speak in person. He talks a lot about the importance of maintaining a great reputation. In his words, it takes a lifetime to develop, and only a minute to destroy. In this respect, life is long. It serves you well to have a good reputation with the people in your world. [...]

Life is Short

Earlier this month, I received news that my grandmother was in her final hours of life. I flew out to Asia to try and say goodbye one last time before she passed away. She died a few hours before my flight landed. The prior month, one of my uncles lost his battle with cancer. The [...]

A Framework for Your Personal Brand

Over the last ten years, the concept of a personal brand has become a part of career management vocabulary. This trend has coincided with the rise of social and web media – blogs, YouTube, Instagram, and the like. Prior to this, one only had a career reputation generally limited to within one’s company or a [...]

Success Is Simple: Show Up

American movie director Woody Allen says, “80% of success is showing up.” For most of my career, I thought this statement massively oversimplified the path to success. However through many life experiences, I think there’s a surprising amount of truth in the statement. The reality is that most people simply don’t show up for many [...]