November 2015

Today I’m celebrating my favorite U.S. holiday, Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving because the focus is on appreciating and giving thanks for all that is wonderful in our lives. I wanted to thank you for your support of I appreciate you telling others about my blog, books, email articles, and courses. Because of this support, [...]

I came across the following television interview the other day. The person being interviewed is a leader of a group of college students demanding that all student loans in the U.S. be forgiven, and that college tuition be free. She was not prepared, and ended up humiliating herself on live national television. Specifically, she was [...]

Something just went wrong; really wrong. What’s the first instinct you and others have? In many company cultures (and in many family, marriage or parent/child relationship cultures), the first order of business is to decide whom to blame. Much of corporate politics (not to mention governmental politics) is based on this principle. “I don’t want [...]