July 2015

Satisfying Life vs. Successful Life

If you would like to have a deeply satisfying life, do what you love. However, contrary to what some people say, doing what you love does not automatically mean you will have a financially successful life. To have a financially successful life, do what others value and are willing to pay for. If you want [...]

Biggest Mistakes in Business Plans

Something completely coincidental happened the other day. I wrote an article titled “Why New Market Entries Often Fail.” On that exact same day, my younger brother, Larry Cheng, who runs his own venture capital firm, Volition Capital, was on MSNBC talking about how to successfully pitch to investors. It turns out that what he talked [...]

Why New Market Entries Often Fail

One of the areas where my previous client work at McKinsey and my current client work overlap is in the area of market entries. A client sees a new market opportunity and wants to figure out if and how to chase it. A lot of attempts at entering a new market fail. Here are some [...]