June 2015

Gay Marriage & New Market Opportunities

The U.S. Supreme Court just made a major decision to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry throughout the country. It is pretty big news here in the U.S. Most people I know personally are pretty happy and celebrating. Some are really disappointed. What’s no longer up for dispute is that gay marriages will now [...]

Relief Isn't the Same Thing as Happiness

Relief occurs when feelings of anxiety and stress fade away. It is the reduction of a negative. Happiness occurs when the presence of joy exists within you and is broadcast to the outside world. Do you live your life to seek happiness or merely relief? They are NOT the same thing. I’m a big proponent [...]

Chasing Dreams

I’m a big believer that everyone should spend at least a portion of their life chasing their own dreams. Whether dream chasing is your life focus, or something you do a few hours a month, it has enormous value. The act of pursuing dreams brings a sense of vitality and aliveness to your life. It’s [...]