April 2015

The Glory of Success or Failure?

Is the following a photo of success or failure? (The answer appears below the photo) This photo I took captures the moment a split second after the Osprey failed in pursuit of its prey. At that time, the Osprey had swooped down to grab an extremely large fish. It succeeded in grabbing on to the [...]

How to Get Fired from an Internship Fast

When consulting firms offer you an internship, they are more or less hiring you for a full time job, but with a 90-day trial period. So on Day 1 of your internship, for all practical purposes you essentially start with a full time job offer in hand. The goal of the internship is to not [...]

How to Make Impossible Decisions

Over the entirety of my career, I have repeatedly witnessed very smart CEOs and individuals stumble when making one kind of decision… The Impossible Decision In general, most people can decide between two options: An option that is good, and an option that is better. This is often an easy decision to make. Sometimes people [...]

The VITAL First 10 Days of an Internship

Most people with 12-week consulting internships hope to impresses their employers during this time to earn a full time job offer. The assumption tends to be that all 12 weeks of the internship count equally towards the decision on whether or not to extend you a full time job offer. At a practical level, this [...]

Why Consulting Firms Hire Interns

This article is intended for those who have obtained an internship job offer from a strategy consulting firm. One of the goals nearly all interns have in an internship is to secure a full time job offer by the end of the internship. To assist you in this objective, it’s important to understand WHY consulting [...]