February 2012

To ace the case interview, it’s important to understand what the interviewer is looking for in candidates and to be able to demonstrate those skills under the pressure of a real interview. As a former McKinsey case interviewer, I find that most candidates fail to ace the case due to one of two reasons – [...]

If you’ve spoken to many a management consultant, you may have discovered a fun variety of backgrounds, personalities, and specializations among these professionals. Within this variety, however, a few key elements bring them together. Whenever you see these tell-tale signs, there’s a good chance you’re speaking to a current or former management consultant: Fascination with [...]

Whenever I told people I worked in strategy consulting, people unfamiliar with McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and the other firms would sometimes give me an odd look. “What does that mean, exactly?” they’d sometimes ask. To clear up this question once and for all, this article provides: A definition of strategy consulting Why companies hire strategy [...]

You may have heard that management consulting salaries are often superior to industry salaries. As a data-driven aspiring consultant, you can find some more specific consulting salary figures below. To put the compensation premium offered to management consultants in proper context, this articles presents: 1) Consulting salaries at the top three firms — McKinsey / [...]

“Management consulting” strikes many as a rather nondescript phrase. You’ve probably interacted with a wide variety of people who call themselves “consultants” — whether it be a salesperson, financial representative, or business analyst. The phrase “management consulting” is more precise, referring to the industry and practice of providing guidance to management in order to improve [...]

Question: Cosentino’s book has a brief but thoughtful section on international students which centers around communication skills. I’m an American citizen but grew up in a South American country. I immigrated to the U.S. when I was 17 and still have an accent, though mild, after 10 years. My English grammar and vocab is well [...]