February 2011

Tips from BCG New Hire

Email: I first of all would like to thank you for your help. Your resources have been invaluable to me. After having succeeded at the Oliver Wyman recruiting for a job, I also got an internship offer with BCG (Germany), which I am going to accept. I think there are several reasons to my achievement: [...]

New BCG Offer

Email: I wanted to email you today to thank you for your videos and insights into the case interview process. I’d imagine you get a 1000 of these emails a day so I will keep it short, but your frameworks allowed me to pull everything together into an extremely powerful approach that eventually secured me [...]

LEK Interview Cover Letter

Email: You might not remember me, but I must say I owe a big deal to you. Close to a year ago, I was unsuccessful with my applications for internships with consulting firms, getting only one interview and failing that too. That was when I came across your site and sent you an email on [...]

Case Interview Dress Code

Question: I hope you are doing great! I cannot thank you enough for providing: 1. the free case interview preparation videos on your blog 2. my favorite – LOMS sessions at an affordable price and last but not the least 3.  your frequent “insightful” emails sharing interview experience of other candidates Being a MS student [...]

McKinsey Up or Out Policy

Question: Thank you for providing so much quality online content!  I have a much better understanding of the case interview process now. I want to learn more about life as a consultant, and the common up-or-out policy at Big 3 firms. Can you tell us some more about the up-or-out policy at MBB? From previous [...]

Identifying Key Drivers in a Case Interview

One of the nuanced skills that I’m noticing some people having difficulty with is the ability to identify the “key drivers” behind a particular business trend. Mastering this skill is not only important in a case interview, but is arguably far more important after the case interview — when you are doing real client work. [...]

McKinsey Internship

McKinsey Internship Offer: I received today an internship offer from McKinsey in Paris after two rounds of interviews. First, I wanted to thank you for the advice you gave in your 6 hour tutorials, and in all the great examples of cases you put on your website: – I only had one week to prepare [...]

Deloitte Interview

Deloitte Interview Question: I found out at the end of last week that I have a final round case interview at Deloitte Consulting, which consists of a 1 hour case. Being an engineering major, and not business, I was wondering if an interviewer takes a candidates background into consideration when deciding on a case? As [...]

BCG Internship

BCG Internship Success Story: I would like to thank you for your resources (case interviews website + Look Over My Shoulder®). It helped me even more than any books did. Honestly I did not have time to finish reading all the books, so I just glanced through the beginning of Case In Point and practices. [...]

Bain Written Case Interview Format and Prep

Success Story: Thanks so much for your advice and for the LOMS. I got an offer from Bain [Western Europe] today, so am really happy and want to thank you for all your hard work. The written case study was a pack of info (financial reports, competitor data, customer information, press cuttings, management’s statement) which [...]

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