January 2010

BCG Europe Offer

I am a recent M.Sc. graduate from Eastern Europe  and I got an offer from the local BCG office this week. I almost exclusively relied on your videos and other materials for preparations, which last only 1 week before the first interview and 3 weeks overall (while having a fulltime job). I wanted to thank you very much [...]

McKinsey New York Offer

I have just accepted my offer from McKinsey New York and I wanted to thank you for the help I received from your website. I am an APD hire and had no business background – so your videos and frameworks were extremely helpful. Of course I did a lot of practicing and reading along the [...]

Offer from Niche Consulting Firm

I am so appreciative of  your videos and your framework.  I am a working professional and attend business school in the evening.  I interviewed with a  small  niche consulting firm and nailed the case.  I just received my offer this week and I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for  your [...]