May 2009

Case Interview Guide - Video 1: Case Interview Introduction

Video 1 in this series of 12 videos on how case interviews provides an introduction to the case interview process. While this basic information is available elsewhere, what isn’t as readily available is to learn to see the case interview from the interviewer’s point of view. In transition from being just “okay” at case interviews [...]

Case Interview Guide - Video 2: Case Interview Basics & Mindset

Video 2 of this series covers this basics of a case interview. It explains what what types of questions are asked and what type of answers are expected. In addition, it explains what the interviewer is looking for and WHY she is looking for it. Contrary to popular belief, the interviewers are not out to [...]

Case Interview Guide - Video 3: How to Open and Analyze a Case (Part 1 of 2)

This case interview preparation video shows you how to open and analyze a case. Most candidates assume analyzing a case is the most important part of doing well on case interviews. While this is certainly important, in practice it is often impossible to analyze a case well if you don’t open or structure the case [...]

Case Interview Guide - Video 4: How to Open, Analyze, & Close a Case (Part 2 of 2)

In this video, you’ll learn how to analyze a close a variety of case interview questions. Especially pay attention to the closing process. There is a very specific way to close a case correctly. And often if you start to get good at closing a case, you will find it influences how you actually analyze [...]

Case Interview Guide - Video 6: Profitability Framework Explanation and Demo

One of the most useful case interview frameworks is the profitability framework. When you have a BCG interview or Bain interview that starts like this “The client is in the XYZ industry. Profits have suffered the last 3 years and the client has asked you to help…”, this often calls for the profitability framework as [...]

Case Interview Guide - Video 7: Business Situation Case Interview Framework

The business situation framework (a name I made up), is one of my most frequently used frameworks. It is often the case interview framework of choice in situations involving a new product introduction, entering a new market, developing a growth strategy, or otherwise finding some way to improve a company’s market position. To learn more [...]

Case Interview Guide - Video 8: How to Practice Case Interviews

In this video, I share one of my tips for case interview preparation. One of the key things to realize is that doing well in case interviews requires you to learn a new skill. And like all skills, to learn something new takes practice. In this video, I share one tip for HOW to practice [...]

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