McKinsey Offer – Experienced Hire

by Victor Cheng


Success Story:

I have had this vision for many months… writing to you about my success story just after my donation to

I received an offer from McKinsey / European office.

I would like to thank you for the great work you are doing – it does make a difference and changes lives!

Would like to return the favor and help others with sharing my experience:

Little bit about myself: experienced hire with many years spent in the industry, a successful track record but no Masters / MBA and a low GPA relative to MBB standards:

1) Network, network, network
Although I spent enormous time on my cover letter and CV I am sure that it would never be looked at or automatically filtered out (low GPA!) if I just made an online application.

2) Practice, practice, practice
Start with the basics (your videos and LOMS is great for that!)
Then nothing beats live practice – not just for CASE but also for FIT interviews.
And consume whatever you can get your hands on… there are plethora of mba casebooks I discovered very late in the process. Excellent source for broadening the perspectives!

3) Persevere, persevere, persevere
Easier said than done but it is so true… The process took roughly 3-4 months of intense preparation. I had to balance my job and family (have small kids) – and make a lot of sacrifices.

I had many rejections on the way. In no particular order: some firms didn’t even respond to my application, some didn’t call for an interview, some I got rejected in the 1st round and some I got rejected in the final.

The key however is: I really knew deep inside that this is THE right fit for me – and that self conviction carried me through these set backs and came across eventually to get an offer from THE company I wanted most to work for.

My Reply:

Thank you for taking the time to share your story and strategies for others. I appreciate your donation to

Congratulations on the McKinsey offer!! I’m glad my materials were helpful, but your hard work and perseverance paid off.

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