Coming Up in the Strategic Outlier™

November 2017 — Dealing with Human Bias in the Workplace

No matter who you are, or what your background, gender, or sexual orientation is, certain unconscious expectations are placed on you based on factors other than your actual performance or competence. Bias is a fact of life in the workplace and elsewhere — one that has a definite impact on your success. Because you can’t avoid bias, you must learn to deal with it — whether it’s someone else’s bias or your own. In this issue, I’ll show you:

  • When to suspect that bias is impacting a work situation
  • How to make positive biases work for you
  • Strategies for working around negative biases against you
  • How to know whether you personally are operating from a biased rather than an objective perspective


December 2017 — How to Create a Life on Your Terms

The last month of the year is a natural time to assess where you are in life and whether the path you’re on is one you truly want — or one created by reacting to life’s circumstances. Creating a life on your own terms is possible. The key is to be intentional rather than to let your life unfold based on the priorities and desires of the people around you. If you don’t have a life plan where you strive to live according to your own terms, you merely enable someone else’s plan, living according to their terms. In this issue, I’ll share with you:

  • The benefits of living intentionally rather than reactively
  • How to know if you are living a life designed by others
  • A process for creating your life according to your own terms
  • How to implement this process, even if you aren’t totally sure what you want out of life



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