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I need your advice, I know your website is very detailed and I can find whatever I want.

But I want to address you directly my situation.  I have an interview in 2 months with McKinsey, which is a good thing. The problem is I had rejections from BCG, Bain and Booz and I didn't succeed my first interview with Monitor! In result, I lost my confidence and my head is muddled!

- points:
Lack of confidence, I also used to overestimate my competitor competencies.
I am not good at math calculation (even if I am engineer, I used to use a calculator all the time).
I am not a native English speaker.

+ points: I have a very good analytical sense, I can see the issue when others cannot figure it out and I feel I can be a good consultant!

I have lot of books and I am confused, which ones do you advise me:
-I have your book Case interview Secrets
-WetFeet (all of them)
-Harvard case interview practice ( not HBS )
-Case in Point

Lot of resources and I am scared and confused, I don't even know how to start the preparation!!

McKinsey is all what I want and this is my last chance...
What do you think about my situation, do you think that I can make it?

Many thanks.

My Reply:

If you are getting interviews with the Top 3, it's very likely it's within your ability to pass. It's also a good thing you have two months to prepare, as you will definitely need it given where your current performance is at.

Here is what I suggest.

Focus only on my Case Interview Secrets book. All the books out there tend to conflict with one another and if you try to combine them all, it does not work.

Work on your mental math. Go to and use the free practice tools. In consulting, mental math is considered basic. If you make a math mistake, you're automatically rejected 90% of the time. Practice a little -- even 10 minutes - every day.

If you are very serious about passing, there are two others resources I would suggest. The downside is they do cost some money, but they are very helpful.

The first is my Look Over My Shoulder® (LOMS) program. It includes examples of excellent, okay and poor case performance, and my real-time explanation as to why certain sentences the candidate said were incorrect, or sub-optimal. The CIB who becomes F1Y -- the majority have used LOMS for 50 - 100 hours (basically listening to it over and over again to grasp the correct way of doing things).

After you use LOMS and after practicing with some friends on practice cases, you might consider getting a few practice interviews with my coaches. They are ex-Bain and ex-McKinsey consultants and interviewers. Maybe you are three interviews away from being able to pass, but if the real McKinsey interview is the only "real" interview you have coming up, you might just miss by a small amount.

Do the LOMS stuff first to fix all the basic mistakes, and use the coaching for fine tuning the subtle stuff. By the way, a lot of LOMS users discover that what they thought was correct was actually incorrect... and discover why for the first time with LOMS.

Finally, I have a new service coming out to help CIBs find practice partners to practice with via Skype. You can sign up to be notified when this service is publicly available at:

Good luck!

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