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I want to thank you for the assistance you give thousands of people interviewing for consulting firms.

I have an interview with BCG for an associate position in [African city]. However, the first round of interviews are in [U.S. City]. I read that usually case interviews that are given to candidates are based on their educational background and experience. (i.e they wouldn't give a mathematics major a top notch case study with abundant business jargon). I ALSO read that the case interviews are geared to the location the position is based.

In my case, does this mean that I should focus on ....let's say new market entries, growth strategies, etc...since many businesses in Africa are focused towards that direction?

My Reply:

It's very hard to predict what type of case you will get. Some firms and some offices will standardize the cases given so it's random. In some offices, the case is determined by each individual interviewer, and they will tend to give cases based on their own client work -- so the cases will skew towards whatever type of work that office does (where the interviewer works, which may differ from the office you want to work in).

In terms of focus, I wouldn't over think and try to guess the case type. Practice a range of cases and work on sharpening the underlying SKILLS that allow you to handle any type of case or industry.

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