October 2015

In this episode of the CaseInterview.com podcast, Victor addresses a question about preparing for a case interview vs. over-preparing and appearing “rehearsed" to an interviewer. Victor provides specific tips for preparing sufficiently without becoming formulaic in your case interview prep.

In this episode of the CaseInterview.com podcast, Victor tackles a question about how much case interview preparation is needed on your own before investing in professional coaching.  He lays out a plan for preparing for consulting case interviews with specific activities you can do to ace the case interview, and covers at which point case coaching is [...]

When it comes to both your personal life and professional life, your peer group profoundly impacts... well, everything. Your peers influence whom you socialize with, who becomes members of your professional network, what socially-derived expectations you do or don't have for yourself, and the filter by which you consider all life decisions. If you want [...]